About Our Business

The Shadyside Mining Company is
not your run-of-the-mill jewelry
store. Robert Patak, founder, was
passionate about collecting rocks,
minerals and fossils since he was
a child.  His skills as a gem cutter
and jewelry designer and his vast
knowledge about fossils and
minerals gained him great respect
in the industry.  He grew the
store into Pittsburgh's largest
retail venue for gems and
minerals.  Shadyside Mining
Company features colored stones
and custom-made jewelry.  The
merchandise in the store includes
an eclectic mix of unique jewelry
created in-house and using
colored stones, minerals, fossils,
etc.  The store also sells rare
mineral specimens, fossils, beads
and other objets d'arte from
around the world.  Robert's prize
acquisition is the skull of a
prehistoric woolly rhinoceros. In
addition to all of this, the store
also serves a large client base
who is interested in the
metaphysical aspects of gems and